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Recess Cabarrus Team Registration

Recess Cabarrus Team Registration

Team registration is now closed for this year.

Will you be the first Recess Cabarrus Grand Champion or Game Day Champion?

We are excited to have you join us at Recess Cabarrus. It is going to be a great time for all! Recess Cabarrus has two levels of competition so no matter the size of your organization, you can participate!

Our Grand Champion will be crowned from teams who participate in all 5 events while our Game Day Champion will be named from teams who participate in 3 activities. The Game Day Champion option allows our smaller organizations to participate in the games that maybe do not require as many people. Our Champions are determined by the most points earned in the division you are playing. 


     Grand Champion (all 5 games) - $500

     Game Day Champion (3 or less games) - $300

Registration:  The first step in the registration process is committing to have a team. A Team consists of:

  • Teams consist of 8 members up to a maximum of 25 members. Each game has different requirements regarding number of players and some have certain composition restrictions. You can learn more under the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • All team members must be 18+ years old.
  • Team members can be employees, employees family members, customers, neighbors, etc. Be creative!!!

Once the registration form is complete and payment is received, you will receive a confirmation email. Registration is not guaranteed until payment is received. Teams will be filled on a first come basis and are limited to 32 teams per game.

**Note: If you qualify for a team with your sponsorship, please register your team through the Mail a check option. Of course, there will be no cost for your team. If you would like to add additional events to your sponsorship benefit, please register through either option.