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Recess Cabarrus

Frequently Asked Questions


When and where is Recess Cabarrus?

Recess Cabarrus will be held Saturday, April 21st from 8:00am-3:00pm at Cox Mill Elementary School Park. The address is 1450 Cox Mill Road, Concord NC 28027. The rain date is Saturday, April 28th.


How can I participate in Recess Cabarrus?

There are several ways you can participate in Recess Cabarrus:

  • Compete with a Team - Gather your coworkers, family, friends, etc. to build your team. Then decide if you want to compete for the Grand Champion title or Game Day Champion title (see description below).
  • Become a Sponsor - We have many exciting ways that you can support education in Cabarrus County Schools through Recess Cabarrus. 
  • Host a Table in Recess City - With over 1000+ people expected to participate or attend, there is no better place to promote your business. 


What does it cost to participate in Recess Cabarrus?

The costs associated with Recess Cabarrus are dependent on how you choose to participate. Sponsorship packages bundle multiple ways to participate at a reduced cost. Individual costs are:

Team competing for Grand Champion (all 5 games) $500
Team competing for Game Day Champion (3 or less games) $300
Marketing booth in Recess City on Saturday $150


What is the last date for me to register my team?

The deadline for registering teams has been extended to Thursday, March 15th. No late registrations will be accepted due to time restriction for finalizing the schedule.


How do I put together my Recess Cabarrus team?

Teams can range from 8 members up to 25 members. They can be coworkers, family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, etc. It is up to you!

Each event has individual requirements as to how many will compete in the particular game and team composition for the team so as you put your team together keep these requirements in mind:

Recess Cabarrus Game Max. number of players Team Composition Requirements
Kickball 10 players For each game, at least 2 females on offense and defense - does not have to be the same players.
Obstacle Course 8 players No specific requirements
Pyramid Soccer 6 players No specific requirements
Bubble Battle 10 players No specific requirements. Recommended height for the 5 people that will race inside the bubble is at least 5' 4" tall.
Tug-of-War 8 players Must consist of 4 males and 4 females.


What do the teams wear?

Team members should all wear the same color of t-shirt such as red, navy blue, white, bright yellow, etc. They do not have to be matching shirts other than for the color. We do expect a lot of families on site so please be modest in your clothing selection.


How are points awarded and champions determined?

For each game, teams will be rewarded with points depending on their final placement. All events are worth the same maximum number of points. 

Points will be totaled for all teams registered for three games and the team with the most points will be crowned Game Day Champion.

For teams competing in all five games, points will be totaled and the team with the most points will be crowned Grand Champion.


What awards will be presented?

The Recess Cabarrus Grand Champion and Game Day Champion teams will receive a Championship Award. Individuals from these teams will also receive medals. Each event champion team will be awarded a trophy. Awards will be presented at 3:00pm during the closing ceremonies. We would love to have your entire team attend!


What are my responsibilities as Team Captain?

Team Captain responsibilities include:

  • recruiting their team members
  • determining who will participate in which games
  • gathering liability release forms for all teams members
  • attending the team captain meeting on April 10, 2018 (a substitute may be sent if necessary but all teams must have a representative at the meeting)


Is there a schedule of events available?

The following schedule is the latest updated schedule (as of 3/27/18)


Saturday, April 21
Time Event Location Event Notes
7:30am Competitor Registration Opens Cox Mill Elementary School
8:00am Opening Ceremonies Cox Mill Elementary School Park
8:30am-11:45am Kickball (Rounds 1-3) Cox Mill Elementary School Park Single elimination. Brackets will be posted at the Information Center.
12:45-1:15pm Tug-of-War Cox Mill Elementary School Park 1 winner from each round will advance. Brackets will be posted at the Information Center.
1:15-1:45pm Pyramid Soccer Cox Mill Elementary According to scheduled timesheet.
8:30am-1:00pm Obstacle Course Cox Mill Elementary School Park Teams compete on their own schedule anytime during the specified hours.
8:30am-1:00pm Bubble Battle Cox Mill Elementary Teams compete on their own schedule anytime during the specified hours.
2:00pm Kickball Championship Game Cox Mill Elementary School
2:45pm Closing Ceremonies Cox Mill Elementary School Park Awards to be presented.


Who may I contact for further information?

Click on the Contact Us at the top of the webpage to send an email or to see the phone number.